Palaxy Tracks Best of Compliation - with San Saba County

Do you like Austin music?  I mean, you say you do, but do you really like / know Austin music?  One of its founding fathers, Palaxy Tracks, (beginning late 90's / Brandon Durham) has choreographed an amazing feat -  releasing a 'Best of' Palaxy Tracks album as covered by many, many, great artists.  And we, San Saba County, have eagerly participated by recording/performing our favorite PT song (the best, evah) "Girls on Bikes." 

you can preview our cover of Girls on Bikes here:

This new compilation album is called "Animals" and will be released Feb. 28th.  Pre-order the album here.


But there's more....

Proceeds will go to assist orphaned animals in Kenya (Neko Case, we're looking at you ;) )

"2 volumes. 58 songs. 26 artists. 100% of the proceeds go to help rescue and rehabilitate orphaned rhinos, elephants and giraffes in Kenya."

San Saba County - "Fifth" - Release Date Aug. 23, 2016


We hour so happy to announce the release of our latest album, "Fifth."  This LP will be available for digital download on all major distributors (iTunes, amazon, etc.) and a limited release 180 gram vinyl through our website or CD Baby....