Palaxy Tracks Best of Compliation - with San Saba County

Do you like Austin music?  I mean, you say you do, but do you really like / know Austin music?  One of its founding fathers, Palaxy Tracks, (beginning late 90's / Brandon Durham) has choreographed an amazing feat -  releasing a 'Best of' Palaxy Tracks album as covered by many, many, great artists.  And we, San Saba County, have eagerly participated by recording/performing our favorite PT song (the best, evah) "Girls on Bikes." 

you can preview our cover of Girls on Bikes here:

This new compilation album is called "Animals" and will be released Feb. 28th.  Pre-order the album here.


But there's more....

Proceeds will go to assist orphaned animals in Kenya (Neko Case, we're looking at you ;) )

"2 volumes. 58 songs. 26 artists. 100% of the proceeds go to help rescue and rehabilitate orphaned rhinos, elephants and giraffes in Kenya."